Our Mission.

Business Outreach Center Network’s mission is to improve the economic prospects of traditionally underserved groups, with a focus on low- and moderate-income entrepreneurs and their communities, and thereby create genuinely brighter futures.

At the heart of our mission is the belief that whatever their differences, people and communities share a common goal: to achieve economic stability and growth. Working in partnership with culturally diverse individuals and organizations in support of this shared goal is the hallmark of BOC.


Community. Diversity. Opportunity.

The Business Outreach Center (BOC) Network is a micro-enterprise/small business development organization with over a decade-long record of delivering customized business services to under-served entrepreneurs in New York City and, more recently, in Newark, New Jersey, as well as capacity-building services to organizations establishing and operating community and micro-enterprise development programs.

Innovative and collaborative, the BOC Network works to close the credit and technical-assistance gap limiting the growth potential and job-creation capacities of microentrepreneurs and small businesses—of hard-working men and women who operate in isolation from the mainstream market and whose businesses are an important source of jobs in their largely minority and immigrant communities. By stimulating the growth of profitable enterprises, the BOC Network helps to recirculate capital through neighborhood economies, and so to revitalize whole communities.

Individually and in concert, the BOC Network’s growing alliance of Business Outreach Centers, or BOCs, connect local entrepreneurs to the full complement of business assistance services, as well as to financial, legal, and other resources. In the process, they successfully guide them through the process of starting and developing their enterprises, and then follow-up with them as they progress and their needs evolve.

Speaking the languages of the communities they serve, individual BOCs have proven to be ideally suited to reach and extend a guiding hand to local entrepreneurs whose challenges are many and resources few. BOC business counselors provide one-on-one needs assessment, business planning, marketing and management guidance, as well as access to resources through the BOC Network’s extensive linkages with the full spectrum of public and private business assistance sources.

Moreover, the BOC Network serves as a highly interactive forum for sharing technology and resources across community and cultural lines, enabling local entrepreneurs to familiarize themselves with the latest business practices, to forge meaningful links with mainstream services, markets, and mentors, and to gain access to new business-development opportunities.

In other words, the BOC Network makes connections that make the system work—for local entrepreneurs, communities, regions, service providers, and the economy as a whole.

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The Small Business Services of the BOC Network

The BOC Network puts microenterprises and small businesses together with information, technical assistance, financing and other vital services and resources, free of charge. Whether you’re a pre-start-up or a long-established enterprise, the BOC Network’s alliance of local Business Outreach Centers, or BOCs, can help. Based in neighborhoods throughout New York City and in Newark, New Jersey, each BOC provides individualized, comprehensive guidance in obtaining financial, marketing, management, technology, and legal services.

Below are details on BOC Network programs and services designed to help you and your business succeed:

BOC Capital Corp. Small-Business Loan Fund

Building a business can be difficult, especially without access to traditional financing.

BOC Capital Corp. offers small-business loans of up to $25,000. Our goal is to strengthen local businesses and help them move to the next level. We offer local entrepreneurs flexible, customized loans (for example, for short-term, order-based lending), as well as ongoing business development assistance.

For more information on BOC Capital Corp., register for our next Financing Your Business workshop.


Childcare Business Development Project

Our Childcare Business Development Project helps home-based childcare providers develop and enhance their businesses. Now, needed services and support in reaching economic self-sufficiency are available to childcare providers through this special project, including:


  • Individualized start-up and operations assistance

  • Practical business training

  • Business and marketing planning

  • Free legal assistance

  • Free tax assistance

  • Access to grants and loans

  • Networking opportunities

These services are designed to help childcare providers establish successful, high-quality, childcare businesses.

Child Care Means Business Training: an 13-week, 60 hour training meeting two times a week for home-based child care providers. Courses usually take place in the evenings from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM at training locations throughout New York City.  Course training's are available in English, Spanish and Russian throughout the year.

Training hours may be applied towards NY state mandated training hours in:


  • Principles of Childhood Development

  • Child Day Care Program Development

  • Safety & Security Procedures

  • Business Record Maintenance & Management

  • Statutes & Regulations

BOC Industrial Business Solutions

BOC Industrial Business Solutions Provider offers assistance for small and medium-sized industrial, manufacturing, transportation and construction firms in New York City, with a special focus on supporting and improving the Steinway and Maspeth Industrial Business Zones in Queens.

Industrial business specialists help businesses access incentives, rebates and loans to keep the cost of doing business in New York competitive, and to achieve goals for expansion, relocation, workforce development, energy cost savings and more.

Whether you are located in an Industrial Business Zone or are looking to relocate to one, BOC Network has the expert staff to assist you to access all the resources available to industrial, manufacturing and construction firms in New York City.

Products & Services

The Industrial program can assist you in the following areas:

  • Identify grant and loan opportunities

  • Accessing Incentives

  • Finding Real Estate

  • Government Regulations

  • Hiring and Training Employees

  • Obtaining Certification as a Minority or Woman Owned Business

  • Improving the Environment

  • Graffiti Removal

  • Illegal Dumping

  • Selling to the Government

  • Emergency Response


For New York City's Business Solutions website featuring "Accessing Incentives: Lower your cost of doing business in NYC", click here.

Commercial Loans

BOC Capital Corp. Small-Business Loan Fund
BOC Capital Corp. offers small-business loans of up to $25,000. Our goal is to strengthen businesses and to help them move to the next level. We offer local entrepreneurs flexible loans, as well as ongoing business assistance.

Business Outreach Center Network is the Solutions Provider for the Steinway and Maspeth Industrial Business Zones.

To Contact BOC Industrial call: 718 205 3773 or email: industrial@bocnet.org

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